03 FORMS (95DVDS Remix)
release date: March 24,2023
label: Marcus Herne


Forms Redux is the continuation of composer and sound artist Marcus Herne’s 2021 EP ‘Forms’ which took inspiration from the beauty and brutality of beginnings and evolution, and exploring both the progressive and accumulative stages of cosmic creation.

The title track ‘Forms Redux’, is an evolution that Herne felt strongly about creating. The ‘Redux’ is in fact the second incarnation of the piece, the first being written almost a year earlier. However Herne felt that it was not progressing the sound in the way he had originally intended, so decided to radically rewrite the piece focusing far more on minimal instrumentation and the human aspect of ‘Forms’.

‘I tend to get quite immersed and attached to the ideas and concepts of a project’ Marcus explains - ‘Even after the release of Forms, I felt there was an area left unexplored and unfinished. The original EP occupied an extremely ethereal and cosmic space, and I felt there was a grounded human element that was missing, and this was the impetus to create the redux’

The piece was built out of three audio recordings Marcus made whilst out of the studio, in which he described and hummed the idea for the track, before retiring to the studio to recreate the piece.

‘In the past I have always found it impossible to realise idea’s that I have had outside the studio. I normally work purely instinctively, however this was the first time that I was actually able to use the idea’s I had whilst away from the room and I think you can really hear that in the finished recording’



The EP features remixes from three incredible emerging artists.

Tiny Hits - a duo split across London, UK and Paris, France, producing intimate electronic music, where merging hypnotic vocals and dance-led influences capture the slow-building sense of anxiety they have found in adulthood. Releasing singles across 2021 and 2022, with support from BBC Introducing, Amazing Radio, Clash and others, their latest release, 'Start Again', dropped 20th January 2023, with more to come.

95DVDS - An Academy of Contemporary Music graduate, currently lost in dub house/techno, with his latest release ‘Last Man Dancing’ out on Berg Audio.

David Foster Wallows - a serpent born in the muck of Fake Turins. Pushing synths & disco into time, all for the benefit of our feet his remixes have been played across the UK at clubs and festivals. Channelling Matthew Dear meets Boards of Canada, the character of haunt & nostalgia is here.

‘I was excited when these guy’s agree’d to have a go at remixing ‘Forms’. They are at the cutting edge of each of their respective genre’s, and I couldn't wait to hear where they could take the sounds that I gave them’

Berlin On Air

“With distinctive classical influences, the composer creates an atmosphere that is less convincing with melodic elements and more with a certain tension that runs through the entire track”

Music Taste

“There are clear elements of techno in the remixes but also hints of more traditional instruments and musical traditions, giving the EP a rich and diverse sound that is both innovative and timeless”