Marcus Herne is a UK based composer, producer and visual artist who’s distinct immersive sound is the centre piece of his work.  Herne composes predominantly instrumental, experimental music, with a strong emphasis on sound design which includes a wide variety of electronic synthesis and recording techniques.  Herne has released a series of solo projects as well as composing bespoke pieces for a number of film, art and commercial projects.  

He started his career in music at the age of five, playing both classical and improvisational drums until transitioning to composing electronic music as his bachelor’s degree, during which he created an original library of captured and improvised sounds.  Herne intuitively sculpts organic soundscape from inception, approaching every sound as its own universe.

After graduating with honours from Middlesex university, Marcus gained experience both in the UK and US, earning credits in producing, writing and engineering, as well as creating and performing his own original compositions, under the moniker Tweed Jacket.  All of which have helped lay the ground work for what has become Herne's signature sound.

In 2016 Herne released his debut EP ‘Tweed Jacket I’ alongside a series of live performances throughout London and south England and remixing electronic duo ‘Tiny Hits’ track ‘Plain View’ (2017).  In 2019 Herne collaborated with UK based filmmaker Sanvir Chana on a short film for the iconic camera maker Leica, composing the original score, which followed a previous collaboration with the director on the 2018 short film ‘Chrono’.

2021 then saw the release of the EP and Audio Visual Project ‘Forms', which explores the progressive stages of creation and is inspired by the beauty and brutality of beginnings and evolution, whether it be the birth of a star forming the heart of a vast solar system, or the dawn of human consciousness.

Herne is notable for his cinematic sound, that is on full display in ‘Forms’.  He uses a combination of synthesis and analog recordings to create the expressive landscapes in his music.

2022 has seen Herne split his time between working on an upcoming series of solo works as well as collaborations on upcoming projects.

  1. 88.II
  2. Forms